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Con Conjure Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Lisa Shearin ß 4 characters Raine Benares is a seeker who finds lost things and people Ever since the Saghred a soul stealing stone that's given her un. Rating 4 12 starsAlthough the ending as in the finale of the series is not uite yet in sight what is to come next keeps me hooked Of course I expected the main antagonist Sarad Nukpana to slip away with his prize he never disappoints but how it all happened Pure genius Throw in Raines wicked ex fiance assassin sex machine Rache Kai her crazy relatives and her new sweetie Mychael and these books just keep getting better and better This was by far the best in the seriesthus far and the only reason why it took so long to complete was because it had competition I tend to read multiple books at once and had a few hiatus periods in between

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Con Conjure Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Lisa Shearin ß 4 characters Lin thief and her ex fiancé an elven assassin are after her To survive she'll need the help of her notorious criminal fami. It s actually really hard to write reviews of this series since they all just seem to blur together Yes I know I start listening to the next one as soon as I finish one but they are all so similar that it s difficult to separate themThis of course is the Raine Benares series It consists of six books taking place over a rather short amount of time In the first book Raine helps a friend steal a necklace with a stone She puts it on and is instantly bonded with the rock which turns out to be the Saghred a soul stealing nasty thing that can destroy whole kingdoms and normally turns it s wearer it s bond servant insane However Raine is able to wear the rock without getting insane and the rest of the series is spend with Raine trying to get rid of the stone and find a way to destroy it as well as trying to avoid the psychopath Sarad Nukpana who wants both her and the rock Luckily Raine has help from not only her friends but also from new friends like Paladin Mychael Ellisor and archmagus Justinius Justinius ValerianAs per usual this one starts off with a bang The conflict between the goblins and elves is slowly escalating and when the Goblin prince Chigaru Mal Salin arrives to Mid things gets moving The prince is wanted dead by almost everyone so before he even sets food on Mid several assassins try to kill him Luckily Raine is there to save him even though not all the goblins see it that wayWhile the elves or at least some of them led by Sylvanus Carnades is trying to get their hands on Raine having a specially prepared cell ready for her with magic reducing manacles in the cellars of the elven embassy the Goblin king and Sarad Nukpana is preparing to attack the elves and just being nasty as usualIt seems to me that the new characters being introduced in these last books in the series are rather interesting than some of the ones who have been in all the books In this one we re introduced to Raine s cousin Mago a banker who s of course still in the family business of sneaking stealing and other sorts of criminal activity He s the prince s banker and is of course in an excellent position to help Raine Also we have Raine s ex boyfriend and former fianc who is a most skilled assassin who s of course after the prince And maybe others Someone at least is taking shots at MychaelSo when you listen to a whole series it s hard to come up with something new to say about the narrator for each book However when you have listened to a whole series and the narrator suddenly starts saying something in a different way it does distract from the listening experience For some reason in this book Eileen Stevens has started saying the Saghred in a different wayThe Saghred is mentioned a lot and every time she says the word in this new way I start wondering why she has changed it and it takes me out of the listening experience and ruins the flow of the story for meOther than that this is just like the other books in the series Plenty of action very fast pace some things are repeated over and over etc If you ve come this far in the series you know exactly what you get It s decent light fantasy It s uite entertaining when you read itlisten to it but nothing I do admit that at a few points in this one I really didn t want to put it down but just to keep on listening but normally I don t think about it when not listening to it I m actually looking forward to finishing this series so I can try out other audiobooks and see if my lack of enthusiasm is because of the book or the medium I experience them through

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Con Conjure Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Lisa Shearin ß 4 characters Limited power has bonded to her the goblin king and the elves have wanted to possess its magic themselves Which means a gob. The fifth Raine Benares book continuing her struggles against Saghred the soul sucking stome of limitless power that she accidentally bonded with in book one Sarad Nukpana is still on the loose and Raine is still facing enemies in both the goblin and elf camps not to mention the slimy mage Sylvanus Carnades but on her side she has semi reformed dark goblin mage Tam and uber powerful spell singing boss of the Conclave Guardians Mychael with whom she has bonded in ways than oneThis picks up barely a couple of weeks after Bewitched and Betrayed Raine is cautiously supporting pretender to the goblin throne Chigaru Mal Salin who despite being a bad guy in the first book now presents the least bad alternative contender in the twisted goblin political system but someone s out to kill him and Mychael as wellThere are some new players in town On the plus side one of them is her sneaky banker cousin Mago who s popped in to lend some underhand Benares family support The Benares are the most criminally active family on the planet but in the nicest possible way On the minus side there s also her ex fiance an elven assassin with a grudgeAnother fast paced amusing fantasy romp with sexy goblins gorgeous elves and a kick ass leather clad wisecracking elven heroine with a uniue character voice that hooks you right in It feels as up to date as urban fantasy but not as we know it having no connection to out world at all However the worldbuilding is vivid and detailed and you feel as though these characters are getting up to tricks even when they aren t on the page