(KINDLE) Passion from the Past By Carole Mortimer

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 188
  • Passion from the Past
  • Carole Mortimer
  • English
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9780373105649

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Free read Ò Passion from the Past 106 Enced feelings growing for her powerful boss But will she feel the same when she discovers that Gideon has only gained her affections for revenge Originally published in 1983. Honestly when I blanked out some of the facts about this story it was much enjoyable First the h was 19nope that did not work for me so mentally I made her 27 in my mind The insta love at first sightnope inst lust Then there was the 19 year old s first job with the company s CEO and she mouths off at him Can you say unemployment The OW wanna be was never addressed and I wanted to read about her smack downgleefully didn t happen Seriously when I had mentally edited this story to address my mental issues the story became very entertaining

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Free read Ò Passion from the Past 106 He wanted herfor revenge Becoming handsome Gideon Maitland's secretary is overwhelming for office assistant Laura She didn't think Gideon had ever even noticed her but soon l. Wow This novel was all sorts of crazy I mean I couldn t believe that these characters could really all fuck up their lives to that extent I was thankful that they eventually fixed the issues Oh ad I wanted to punch Lisa she s a bitch

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Free read Ò Passion from the Past 106 Earns she is very wrong Gideon has than seen her; he wants herin his bed As she gets to know this complex widower – whose motives defy analysis – Laura finds her inexperi. I didn t understand this book Everything seemed very abrupt very jerky There was an obvious lack of editing and I had trouble keeping up with the characters and their motivations It was like read the book on fast forward everything loved so uickly and incoherently The lack of editing is also very obvious