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  • 15 February 2018
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Read & Download Ç The Sex Magicians ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Lot Because it is completely out of print a fan has claimed Wilson's given permission to release the book online freely It can be found here and many other places. Parts of this novel will be immediately recognizable to those RAW fans who have read Schrodinger s Cat They ll also recognize a few early versions of characters from The Illuminatus Trilogy But even if it weren t for those tidbits this book is a must read It s a hilarious erotic tale of occult forces working on the most basic drives of modern man in 60s70s Chicago While Dr Robert Prong clinically dissects the little death at Orgasm Research the MGT Markoff Chaney plans his revenge against the whole world A mama vibe of apocalyptic proportions has been released into the world by a sexual dynamo and the Church of Scientific Illuminism has to track it down while time is running out while an editor at Pussycat magazine reflects on the Roman Emperor decadence of his editor Remember that God is Alive Magic is AfootI don t read book online very often but this was a treat I heartily recommend it to fans of magic sex or just good storytelling More recently Sput had read a novel about Nero The effect was even disconcerting than trying to talk with him while he laboriously evaded a stale Noah s Ark trap the grandmaster had set up for him to find He was seated behind his desk receiving a blow job when Dill had been ushered into his presence the last time It was unnerving You wanted to discuss the interview subjects for the next six months Dill asked taking his seat and noting that the lady kneeling before the Great Man was a recent Sex Kitten from the mag s foldout In fact she was the first to appear not in an ordinary crotch shot they were now becoming commonplace not only in Pussycat but in its imitators but in a Randy low angle crotch shot in which her vulgar lips could clearly be seen pouting beneath the pubic hair Dill had been curious how that effect was obtained and asked the chief photographer Were you rubbing her off just before you snapped that Nah was the laconic answer We tried that but the lips still weren t visible enough We ended up stuffing her snatch full of my hashish stash My God Dill was astonished That s why she had that far gone look in her eyes Stoned out of her head by the time we got it all out of her again Bet you didn t know it was possible to get high that way Wonder what it would be like to ball her right after the hash came out Dill said thoughtfully Wouldn t know the photographer sighed Sput put an exclusive on her soon as he saw the test shots Now she kneeled nude and covered with some kind of oil that Sput had read about in the Nero book and carefully licked his whang up and down while he imitating supercool went over the interview list Don t want Spiro Agnew he said He s too controversial But damn it Sput our interviews are supposed to be controversial Dill seemed to recall saying that at each of these conferences Not that controversial Sput said Now here Jane Fonda and Terry Southern they re good But my God Ezra Pound for Christ s sake he s a fucking poet We interviewed Allen Ginsberg Dill said watching the girl s head bobbing up and down Yeah but his poems are full of dirty words That s different Pound used fucking in a poem once Dill said patiently And the war he was against is so long ago that it s not controversial any Nah nah one poet in five years is enough Gently doll gently I see you don t have theAttorney General on the list yet It s the same as ever Dill explained noting that the girl s hand was sneaking down her bellyinto her crotch He just won t give us an interview He still says we re a dirty magazine Damn it we never go beyond contemporary community standards Sput protested hurt That old bastard is a bigot Well bigot or not he won t give us an interview Fascist reactionary bastard Sput fumed Someday I ll Then he brightened Listendoll he said to the girl at his feet You re the Attorney General now really go to it like a fucking vacuum cleaner The girl s head began bobbing faster and Sput slouched back a bit smiling contentedly Reactionary WASP son of a bitch he muttered That s right take it take it all you foe of the First Amendment Er Roger Prong Dill prompted Very good very good Sput was whispering as if toking a marijuana cigarette You Gestapo pig he added to the girl at his feet How about Jackie Kennedy Onassis Yeah yeah class Sput said vaguely He was beginning to tremble a bit Who else you got he whispered trembling Doctor Spock Spock Sput asked then he repeated shrilly Spock Spock SPOCK He was coming Dill realized with an embarrassed twinge Swallow it Sput was roaring Swallow it you wire tapper It was a distracting conference all around Dill thought remembering

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Read & Download Ç The Sex Magicians ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Two of The Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy While the porn label given it isn't completely off the mark there's plenty of occult and mystical material contained in the p. Robert Anton Wilson s first book It s out of print but available in PDF form with typos Essentially mystical erotica or shall we say porn this book explores many topics that would later become standard in RAW s work the occult the Illuminati the number 23 the rule of fives Adam Weishaupt Aleister Crowley Hassan i Sabbah Buddhism the Necronomicon et al Highly explicit Tantric seventies sci fi

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Read & Download Ç The Sex Magicians ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub This is an extremely rare early first RAW novel that was published as porn by Sheffield House in 1973 Much of the book's beginning later appears verbatim in book. Wilson s first novel covers much of the same ground as Illuminatus but while the latter trilogy was hardly prudish here the sex dial is turned up to 11 Just as William Burroughs et al had various work published under pulp covers a sneaky delivery system for subversive material guaranteed to confuse those lured by the promise of simple filth so Wilson s work here must have frustrated half a dozen furtive readers for every one whose eyes he opened Still the artist uses the channels available and better one s real content be smuggled in slightly awkward early seventies bawdiness than something really shameful like litfic