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  • A Field Guide to Germs
  • Wayne Biddle
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  • 20 January 2020
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Free read A Field Guide to Germs ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Bola and wartime posters warning servicemen against syphilis and gonorrheaFrom cholera to chlamydia TB to HIV bubonic plague to Lyme disease rabies to Congo Crimean encephalitis anthrax to Zika fever and back to good old rhinitis the common cold A Field Guide to Germs is both a handy reference work to better understand today's headlines and a fascinating look at the astonishing impact of micro organisms on social and political history. Slightly dated book but very good information I dinged the author because of the oft times idiotic and ill placed humor

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Free read A Field Guide to Germs ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook O face with nearly one hundred of the best known in terms of prevalence power historical importance or even literary interest of the myriad pathogens that live in and around the human population Along with physical descriptions of the organisms and the afflictions they cause the author provides folklore philosophy history and such illustrations as nineteenth century drawings of plague induced panic microscopic photographs of HIV and E. Total snooze Didn t finish Annoying dumbed down descriptions of pathogens arranged in of all things alphabetical order

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Free read A Field Guide to Germs ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook From the ravages of the Ebola virus in Zaire to outbreaks of pneumonic plague in India and drug resistant TB in New York City contagious diseases are fighting back against once unconuerable modern medicine Public concern about infectious disease is on the rise as newspapers trumpet the arrivals of new germs and the reemergence of old onesIn A Field Guide to Germs Pulitzer Prize winning science writer Wayne Biddle brings readers face t. When my sister Anne was about six she rushed to tell our dad an amazing insightThe moon doesn t actually follow us It s just that we change spots and everybody can still see it because it s in the sky It can t be following everybody His response I know My family has laughed about that over the years This was in the days before parents said very good and good job but still I think we can agree that he was a wet blanket Some people just are Book critics especially can be wet blankets I thought of my dad when I read some of the reviews of A Field Guide to Germs Revised and Updated Apparently some readers already know about all there is to know about microorganisms and history I sure don t I had a vague idea from reading Rats Lice and History as a kid and from observing RSV strep pinworms giardia roleola scarlet fever and as a mom If I wanted to make myself feel very old I could dwell on the fact that the brother born just 2 12 years before me died a few hours after birth of rubella and I knew a child with polio and only my youngest child was vaccinated against chicken pox because the others had it naturally And now because I live in mosuito country and have children of childbearing age I m beginning to worry about Zika I feel old But things change In the 1995 edition that I just read Zika fever is the very last entry and the last words in the book are a parenthetical remark You ll never see it but we needed a Z If you re a wet blanket type this is something you ll complain about A lot s happened since 1995 I liked the fact that I could see the changes in what we know If you don t like that kind of thing then just get the 2012 edition It ll be outdated too but you won t be as distracted Just enjoy the fact that medicine is advancing faster than we can record it It s really a fun book Seriously