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Heidi Rice í 4 Read Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Heidi Rice Contracted as His Cinderella Bride Read à 104 From penniless delivery girlTo billionaire’s brideThe perfect summer Ally Jones spent with gorgeous French billionaire Dominic LeGrand was unforgettable despite her unreuited f. 35 stars She couldn t take this job She didn t want to see Dominic LeGrand again Especially as Dominic wasn t the reckless delinuent boy who had starred in all those innocent adolescent fantasies a lifetime ago but a billionaire property developer now A very sexy love story 12 years in the making This is not a second chance romance because our MC s weren t romantically involved 12 years ago But it s the heroine s opportunity to be with the man on whom she d had a raging hormonal adolescent crush Ally is a sweet industrious and steadfast heroine working as a cycle courier to pay her bills and finance her education at Fashion Design School She s an independent 25 year old who makes no excuses for herself and isn t plagued with self pityThis is the heroine Ally And her striking bone structure the translucent skin and those bottomless eyes the colour of a fine whisky only enhanced by the hint of eyeliner and the lush sparkle of lip gloss made her irresistible She s had a hard life and she s a little lacking in self assurance but she doesn t view herself as an oppressed woman or via the lens of the currently popular victimhood narrative She s a doer rather than a complainer and doesn t expect other people to solve her problems Ally is a good combo of smart sweet and thoughtful without being an undignified martyr type of heroine She s sometimes guilty of over thinking a situation but it didn t detract from her character arc in my opinion Twelve years ago her late mother had been engaged to the H s father The then 13 year old heroine had spent an unforgettable summer in Provence France where she had bonded with the 16 year old H The hormonal adolescent Ally had been awed by Dominic and subseuently saddened and distraught after the vacation had ended disastrously The subseuent emotional trauma from that incident had led to the eventual self ruination of her mother s life Dominic is the strong silent type of alpha male H who is withdrawn tortured and sometimes stoic but who still posseses the sensitivity to treat the vulnerable Ally with respect He s the stereotypical charming Frenchman and he often uses his roguish wickedly seductive persona to lighten intense situations especially when the conversation becomes somewhat uncomfortable This is the H Dominic Dominic had always been striking but maturity had turned his boyish masculine beauty into something so intense it was devastatingThe blond buzz cut had darkened into a tawny brown streaked with gold Those sensual lips always uirked in an insolent don t give don t give a damn smile those chocolate eyes full of resentment and secrets the mysterious crescent shaped scar that hooked his left eyebrow the brutally short dark blond hair that had lightened in the sun and given his brooding beauty a golden glow Dominic who had been beautiful and bad and fascinating and landed like a fallen angel into that perfect summer bringing with him danger and excitement The storyline is built around the temporary marriage of convenience trope Dominic has been smeared in the tabloids by vindictive ex girlfriends to the extent where his future business partners are concerned about the negative ramifications of his nefarious playboy image He s never forgotten Ally she s the adorable little girl who had doted on him and made him feel special Yet he doesn t immediately recognize her because his insta lust for the 25 year old heroine is not exactly what he used to feel 12 years ago At the beginning of the story he s just dumped the woman who d agreed to be his temporary convenient wife and he s in a huge bind The OW had been paid a lot of money and gifted with a lot of luxuries but that hadn t stopped her from creating a cheating scandal and breaking her part of the arrangement just because the H had stopped having sex with her But you know how it goesAlly turns up at just the right time and the scheming H realizes that she ll be a perfect replacement for Mira the tarty vapid hagwitch His decision is made easier by the undeniable insta lust between the MC s The MC s share insane sexual chemistry and are unable to keep their hands off each other The reader can almost smell the lust in the atmosphere when they re in the same room And the H shows remarkable savoir faire for a man living in the MeToo era because he ensures that he receives permission before he makes his move So you are smart as well as beautiful His thumb glided across her lips and her mouth opened instinctively on a sigh the blood rushing in her ears If I asked to kiss you Alison he said the rasp of need in his voice both raw and sublime what would you say She nodded without thinking At first the shy virgin heroine is unsure whether to throw caution to the winds and sleep with him since they re not in a long term relationship The bulk of the story is set in New York where Dario and Megan the sexy MC s from The Virgin s Shock Baby make a couple of awesome cameo appearances It was cute to see them especially the doting Dario But I would ve loved for Jared my fond fav from Captive At Her Enemy s Command to make a speaking appearance Ally even receives guidance and assistance from Megan who recognized the heroine s fashion designing genius and offers to invest in her fledgling design house The MC s relationship is bonded mainly by their sexual connection but we re aware of the deep hidden emotional feelings they share since it s revealed via their internal monologues It s revealed early in their relationship that the H feels threatened by the feelings she inspires in him He s so unused to these emotions and to intense sexual chemistry they share that he is grateful to put some temporary space between them in an effort to preserve his self control A week long cooling off period wouldn t be a bad thing at all He needed to get a choke hold on his hunger before he made love to her again Or things had the potential to get out of control the way they had the first time While not being the best Heidi Rice novel I ve read this was uite enjoyable especially the erotic sex scenes These two burned up the sheets from the very beginning all the way to the end Sex did seem to define their relationship in the first half of the story But the MC s childhood backstory drama was eventually dealt with in the final uarter when they re forced to confront burning unanswered issues It s also revealed that Dominic is than merely an ambitious billionaire property developer He s involved in a special charity that saves street children who ve no one else to turn to It s a minor storyline that s linked to the H s own suffering as an abused child beaten tormented and mocked for his bastardy by the one person who should ve protected him his late sadistic father Ally for her part saw the fulfilment of her dream to helm her own fashion house In the lovely epilogue in which the MC s from The Virgin s Shock Baby and Captive At Her Enemy s Command make cameo appearances the heroine s fashion house Allycat puts on a splendid fashion show The H is right there by her side to kiss her onstage after they celebrate her success as she s showered with well deserved adulation for all her hard workSafety No cheating no OM and the OW was not a factor because the H had ended his relationship with her before he was reunited with the heroine

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Heidi Rice í 4 Read Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Heidi Rice Contracted as His Cinderella Bride Read à 104 Ary wife but with the enticing promise of his expert seduction teasing Ally to her limits can she really just play the roleLose yourself in this tantalizing marriage of convenien. When I picked this one up Harleuin s Presents line had been on my mind due to discussions in a writers group It had been ages since I d read one of these and I thought something by Heidi Rice was a good way to returnThe Presents line is as some authors call it fairy tales for adults It delivers a steamy larger than life story with tropes galore Contracted as His Cinderella Bride worked for me I actually enjoyed it a lot than many Presents books because both hero and heroine approached their fake relationship like adults and there was no melodrama Rice delivered all the wealth and opulence as well as the alpha male without making the book seem old school And this was a heroine who was a little down on her luck but who had ambition and a career in her futureI loved the London and New York locations and I especially loved that the author seemed to know her settings personally They weren t just window dressing The reference to the overcrowded Trevi Fountain on the trip to Rome was also welcome because honestly these days there s nothing romantic about the place From my last trip to Rome in 2016 You can t even see the waterThere were a handful of things in the steamier scenes I could take issue with we really need some new terms that aren t velvet over steel and bundle of nerves but I did like how the author subtly changed her terminology when the characters went from England to the United States In fact I loved thatThis book delivered exactly the uick read fairy tale for adults I wanted Review copy provided by NetGalley

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Heidi Rice í 4 Read Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Heidi Rice Contracted as His Cinderella Bride Read à 104 Eelings Now Ally’s a struggling courier and is stunned when her latest delivery brings her to Dominic’s door Yet what’s even shocking is his proposal Dominic needs a tempor. Heidi Rice is officially one of my favorite authors of HPlandia from now on