(Music in the Classical World) PDF ✓ Bertil H. Van Boer

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  • Music in the Classical World
  • Bertil H. Van Boer
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  • 03 November 2020
  • 9781138503847

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Music in the Classical World

Music in the Classical World Summary ´ 105 The various genres expanded during the period not just in the major musical centers but around the globe Contemporaneous treatises and commentary documenting these changes are integrated into the narrativeFeatures include the followingA complete course with musical scores on the companion website plus links to recordings and no need to purchase a separate anthology The development of style and genres within a broader historical framework Extensive musical examples from a wide range of co.

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Music in the Classical World Summary ´ 105 Mposers considered in context of the genre A thorough collection of illustrations iconography and art relevant to the music of the age Source documents translated by the author Valuable student learning aids throughout including a timeline a register of people and dates sidebars of political importance and a selected reading list arranged by chapter and topic A companion website featuring scores of all music discussed in the text recordings of most musical examples and tips for listening.

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Music in the Classical World Summary ´ 105 Music in the Classical World Genre Culture and History provides a broad sociocultural and historical perspective of the music of the Classical Period as it relates to the world in which it was created It establishes a background on the time span 1725 to 1815 offering a context for the music made during one of the vibrant periods of achievement in history Outlining how music interacted with society politics and the arts of that time this kaleidescopic approach presents an overview of how.