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  • 28 February 2020
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Lexi C. Foss ô 4 characters

Free read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Lexi C. Foss Chastely Bitten Read Ú 104 Lexi C. Foss ô 4 characters Enemies won't see coming I'll break her train her and use her to take down everyone who stands in my wayShe's alluringShe's perfectAnd she's mine Welcome to the future where the superior bloodlines make the rulesProceed at your own riskDarius I breathed as darkness dimmed the stars Some part of me knew we were heading down a dangerous path I struggled to emerge enough to wa. 35 let the games begin Stars I really have no fucking clue how to rate this book cause this isn t your typical vampire read After humans lost the war and failed miserably to be top dog the Blood Alliance was born Where humans are no than cattle where they are divided into factions Where vampires and the lycans rule with terror manipulation indoctrination where your choices are being a slave or death Where blood virgins are coveted and blood day is a memorable day for allCharacters Chemistry Darius is vampire royalty and has been hiding for a century waiting to set long ago plans in motion The time has come I have a lovehate relationship with Darius He is always alpha and he walks an extremely fine line sometimes too fine a line for my likingI hated him because he was so cold Duh vamp I know but you could tell that he really cared for Juliet but although there was a part to play He played it too well But then he would do something that would make me love him againJuliet is a blood virgin bought at auction she has been trained the last twenty two years to fulfil her sire s fantasies even it leads to her death she has been programmed to acuiesceI really liked Juliet and under normal circumstances she is not my kind of heroine But due to the dystopian setting here and her upbringing her behaviour and lack of understanding fitsThe Chemistry between Darius Juliet is incinerating but there were times where I struggled Juliet is trained to submit and to respond to all vampires which happens because of her conditioning I fully believe what Juliet feels for Darius At times I felt that Darius reciprocated but fully at the end Writing Plot PaceThe Blood Alliance specifically the vamps has mutated to something truly horrific But there are key players who want to give humans their rights back and Darius and his mates Ivan and Trevor only to name a few A slight warning here it won t be for everyone There is blood sharing with other vampiresSome things were repeated on and off which I found annoying because that had already been mentioned maybe if the exact words had been copied and pasted it would be differentThe author gave us so much emotions and a truly uniue plot that the ending felt somewhat anticlimactic to be honest Nevertheless the world that has been created is fantastic The author put a lot of thought into it to make sure that it stands out compared to all of the vamp books out there But in my opinion it could have been The VerdictWhy did I read this book Well I signed up for book 2 kind of hard to read book 2 when you have no fucking clue what the overall plot is Usually not a fan of the fang but here I am a fan of the fang It s a twisted and bloody world but I like it

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Chastely Bitten

Free read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Lexi C. Foss Chastely Bitten Read Ú 104 Lexi C. Foss ô 4 characters Once upon a time humankind ruled the world while lycans and vampires lived in secretThis is no longer that timeĀ Ā JulietIt is my duty to obey to give my body and blood to a vampire master until he no longer has use for meThere is no escapeNowhere to runFollow the rules or dieI don't want to dieDariusTwenty two years of conditioning has crafted the perfect poison a weapon my. The world has changed Vampires and lycans have ascended They rule and humans are foodThe Blood Alliance has been formed It s a global council of eual parts lycan and vampire Everything is distributed evenly between them including territory and blood slaves Humans are property and carry no legal rights They are tagged and sorted based on merit intelligence bloodline ability and beauty Juliet is a twenty two year old blood virgin The book opens with her stood naked on a podium while vampires bid to own her Her entire life has been spent preparing for this moment and there s a good chance she won t live beyond the nightDarius is prepared to pay any price for Juliet But he wants her for than just her blood and her body Although that is a huge part Darius is old and as a vampire he has time on his hands He s playing the long game He s about to change everything and he needs Juliet to help him But her entire life has been spent conditioning her and he needs to break that And he hopes there s enough left but of her when he s finished I loved the world building and really enjoyed this book And I can t wait for the next one which I was surprised to discover doesn t feature Darius and Juliet but KylanAnyway back to this bookAs I said I really enjoyed this book butJuliet annoyed me a lot of the time It s hard to be too harsh when you consider her life and her training Everything is new and totally against everything she s been taught But it seemed a little repetitive in places and she annoyed me and then I felt guilty that she d annoyed me Not so much in the beginning because I expected it but later when I felt she should have known better Maybe it s just me the I read and the older I get the less patience I haveDespite this it s a great read and now I m not so patiently waiting for the next book

Free read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Lexi C. Foss

Free read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Lexi C. Foss Chastely Bitten Read Ú 104 Lexi C. Foss ô 4 characters Rn him to beg himD My mouth felt dryer than it should Heavy I tried to lick my lips but couldn't move my tongueEverything felt so much cooler than moments agoNumb DariusMidnight consumed my vision as I blinked into a starless nightSo aloneI always expected to dieI never expected to want to liveUntil todayUntil Darius inspired hopeAnother cruel Vampire jokeI should have known. Flipping heck Foss does it againAnother absolute cracker of a read from start to finish This author s imagination continues to enthrall and excite In Chastely Bitten we have a new world to discover one where vampires rule and humans are bred for blood and sexEnter Juliet a human bred for the sole purpose of pleasing her master in any way he chooses Luckily for Juliet she is purchased at an auction by Darius an enigmatic vampire who has a different path he wants Juliet to walk one far from her destiny as a blood slaveI know I just know this series is going to be one I ll devour It s right up there with the Immortal Curse series for sheer brilliance rounded and intriguing characters immense world building and burn your ass hot sex Grab your copy trust me you won t regret it