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Read A Daughter's Love Thomas and Margaret More ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Happiness that came to be overwhelmed by the forces of ambition deceit and treachery. My TLS reviewMartyr s child John Guy A DAUGHTER S LOVE THOMAS AND MARGARET MORE Review TLS 27 February 2009 p 10Thomas More was beheaded on July 6 1535 His story is well known The role of his daughter Margaret Roper in that story less so John Guy whose last subject was Mary ueen of Scots has found a new tragic heroine in Margaret She seems to be his ideal woman so much so that his treatment of her husband William Roper seems written from the perspective of a jealous lover Professor Guy reprimands Roper for failing to provide financial aid to his father in law after he resigned the Chancellorship and generally deplores his prioritizing of property over principle If only William her husband could have given her the love and support she needed she might have recovered a sense of inner peaceafter More s death but his grasping restless mind was fixed on worldly advantage Guy makes a convincing case for Margaret as the great woman behind the great man Margaret was her father s main correspondent and confidante and visited him regularly in the Tower while her mother Lady Alice only made the journey once Her contemporaries extolled Margaret s virtues as an example of the benefits of education for women More had her schooled in Latin and Greek alongside her brothers and sisters in his school at Chelsea At 16 her writings so impressed the Bishop of Exeter that his countenance showed that his words of praise were all too poor to express what he felt and whilst still a teenager she was able to correct Erasmus s edition of the letters of St Cyprian Margaret often remains in the shadows of the narrative however as do many early modern women the evidence simply does not exist to tell the full story of their lives In many cases we can only imagine Nonetheless educated imaginings are vital for recovering these untold stories and it is testament to the maturation of feminist history that a mainstream author such as Guy recognises this He perhaps goes too far when he suggests that Margaret might have been able to avert the Reformation The Church authorities were unable to see that the one person in England who could match Tyndale as a translator and stylist and could be relied upon to conform to Catholic teaching and doctrine was Margaret Roper But of course she was a woman so it never entered their heads Guy s book is based on a thorough examination of the sources The depth of telling detail he is able to deploy is astounding It is difficult for biographers of St Thomas not to stray into hagiographical territory But Guy does not shield us from the unsavoury aspects of Thomas character such as his scatological prose he once accused Martin Dorp a rival intellectual of being in love with himself and his opinions just as every man thinks his own fart smells sweet and his glee in persecuting heretics he called Thomas Hitton the devil s stinking martyr as he condemned him to the stake These details however are used to illustrate further the passion with which More acted on his principlesGuy s book is rich with tragic irony as when More addresses the new King and ueen on their way to their coronation in 1509 He acclaimed Katharine of Aragon as the future mother of kingsfecund in male offspring will she render your dynasty stable and enduring for all time The conseuences of the failure to realize these platitudinous hopes set in train the decisions that led directly to Thomas s own death Meteorological history even provides Guy with pathetic fallacy even as Thomas had been speaking the sky turned pitch black and it poured on Henry s parade Guy s powerful dramatic telling of the climactic scene where Margaret forces her way through the soldiers on Tower Wharf to embrace her father one last time before his death is genuinely movingThere is fortunately some comic relief Guy notes that More described himself as a of nature even half a giglot and A giglot is one excessively prone to jesting and merriment someone whose sense of humour could lead him into wantonness More once played a prank in his role as judge of the Court of Chancery he sent a suitor who had tried to sell his neighbour s wife a wardrobe of old clothes pretending they were new to go seek his remedy from More s wife Lady Alice at Chelsea The litigant received short shrift Ultimately the tragedy of More brings into sharp relief the ever relevant uestion of whether private principles can survive the inevitable compromises of public life and whether the able citizen should uietly pursue his own ends or attempt to ameliorate society by putting himself at the service of the state Unlike most tragic heroes the prescient More had long been aware of his fate He had already explored this conflict albeit indecisively in Utopia He attempted to safeguard his children s inheritance in vain by placing all his property into trust on the day before the Act of Succession became law He even staged a dress rehearsal arrest at Chelsea to help his family prepare mentally for the worst More s end shows the dangers of public life for the man willing to stand against the tide His friend Erasmus knew he did not have the strength for martyrdom himself as he wrote to Richard Pace in 1521 Mine was never the spirit to risk my life for the truth I fear that were strife to break out I shall behave like Peter When popes and emperors make the right decisions I follow which is godly if they decide wrongly I tolerate them which is safe Guy s tragic love story ends with father and daughter being reunited on Fifth Avenue New York where images of both of them are kept in nearby museums This image is somewhat marred by a visit to the Frick Collection where you will find the painted More gazing for eternity not into the eyes of his beloved daughter but into those piggy ones belonging to Thomas Cromwell his nemesis whose portrait Holbein also painted

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Read A Daughter's Love Thomas and Margaret More ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB This book will break open a secret It is a gripping tale of love loyalty and domestic. This is an extremely well written and exhaustively researched book from a well known specialist in Tudor history John Guy has written extensively on Sir St Thomas More but this book focuses on his relationship with his eldest daughter Margaret affectionately known as Meg Unlike most women of the time her intelligence was recognized and fostered by her father who had her educated along with her siblings and some other children Although More saw some differentiation in the reasons for which men and women ought to be educated the fact is that Margaret did attain a high level of learning to the point where she was able to correct an error in Erasmus Latin edition of a classical work She also translated into English a Latin commentary of his on the Pater Noster or the Lord s Prayer and had it published Margaret Roper was arguably the person who best understood her father She maintained communication with him even after his troubles began with Henry VIII She obtained permission to visit him during his long incarceration in the Tower of London During these visits she prayed with him discussed topics of interest with him joked with him and comforted him doing much than anyone else in his family to help him face his upcoming martyrdom Although she did not witness his actual execution she did have a few last dramatic moments with him before he died Afterward at significant personal risk she rescued his head from being pitched into the Thames And after a lifetime of preserving his memory and his works she died Her father s head was buried with her so that they could remain close in death as they had in life

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Read A Daughter's Love Thomas and Margaret More ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB From the award winning author of 'My Heart is My Own The Life of Mary ueen of Scots'. The title is somewhat misleading This is really a light biography of Thomas More where Margaret plays the main supporting role rivaled only by Erasmus The result is a readable enough book although while some figures are introduced others seem to just drop in out of nowhere It is at its best explaining how More an avowed humanist known for his sense of humor and relatively open mind ended up burning a few heretics The answer lies in faith and that he was a bridge figure between the religious dogmatism of the Medieval age and the opening of the mind which allowed the very heretics he despised to prosper That said given the horrors of the world after More s age and our own dogmatic follies one wonders how removed we are from More s dilemma that is an open minded man who find himself in a world taking sides