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  • 17 February 2018
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Download ↠ Harm by Brian W. Aldiss ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF On of the prime minister Arrested by agents of HARM–the Hostile Activities Research Ministry–Paul is thrown into a nameless Abu Ghraib like prison possibly located in Syria where he is held incommunicado and brutally interrogated by jailers to whom his Muslim heritage is itself a crime meriting the harshest punishment Under this sadistic regime Paul’s personality begins to show signs of radical fragmentation On the remote planet of Stygia a man named Fremant haunted by memories of torture that seem drawn from Paul’s mind is one of a small group of colonists struggling for survival on a harsh but weirdly beautiful world whose dominant life forms are insec. Though it is an 11 year old book Harm remains a very topical and therefore difficult readThe torture passages succeeded at disgusting and outraging me and I could certainly conceive of a throwaway line in the book of a Muslim author being misconstrued as terrorist intentThankfully though such abasement makes up only half the story The other half set on the planet Stygia proves an interesting exploration of a newly birthed society finding its feet However I found some characters here noticeably two dimensional especially the women Aldiss has an endearingly plain speaking approach to science fiction but I would have liked a bit detail about the human element at least where events on Stygia were concerned The characters certainly deserved as vivid descriptions as the fantastic insectoid inhabitants of the colonised planetHarm is a strong example of sci fi as a social critiue but I wouldn t hold it in such high estimation as Huxley s A Brave Ne

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Download ↠ Harm by Brian W. Aldiss ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ts The sole humanoid race on the planet has been hunted to extinction by the human settlers whose long journey to Stygia has left them unable to understand their own history and technologyThrown back to a primitive state they seem destined to repeat all the sins of the world they fled to Stygia to escapeIs Paul dreaming Fremant as a way of escaping the horrors of his imprisonment Or is there a stronger–and far stranger–connection between the two men whose very different circumstances begin to take on uncanny parallelsAs aspects of their identities blur and finally merge astonishing answers take shape–and profound new uestions arise From the Hardcover editi. Brian Aldiss is one of the greats of science fiction along with Clarke Bradbury Azimov This is a great bookIt isn t however an easy read dealing with 2 issues which interest me namely human rights also mental health Paul Ali a writer of Muslim heritage has been arrested is being tortured for writing a scene in a book where two drunk characters discuss assassinating the Prime Minister To escape from these atrocities Paul s dissociative personality disorder creates a world called Stygia where Paul is known as Fremant The torture scenes are horrifically written sound similar to accounts I ve heard read from survivors of torture Aldiss views on security in the post 911 world are on display here Not an easy read by any stretch of the imagination but a book I m glad I have read Not for the sueamish but definitely worthy of your attention

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Download ↠ Harm by Brian W. Aldiss ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF From one of science fiction’s greatest living writers comes an unforgettable near future novel in the hortatory tradition of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 Orwell’s 1984 and Dick’s A Scanner Darkly Both a searing indictment of a fear drenched political climate and a visionary allegory that shines a piercing light on timeless human verities HARM is a powerfully compact masterwork that is sure to be one of the most passionately discussed books of the yearThe time is today or tomorrow–or perhaps the day after tomorrow Paul Fadhil Abbas Ali a young British citizen of Muslim descent has written a satirical novel in which two characters joke about the assassinati. I honestly think this deserves four stars but He had an amazing idea and didn t work it through to something that would appeal to a mainstream audience I know why should he He shouldn tBut he has written something that is absolutely relevant to the shit we are currently having to deal with and it sheds light on some of the prejudices and skewed news reporting that we currently suffer from This is very very relevantOkay it s not an easy read Maybe it is for sci fi fans But then maybe they don t like it I don t know any so can t ask But this is about now Aldiss has seen what s going on and embedded it in an enjoyable narrative It s only at the end that we think Oh shit that s what is going on and I can imagine us all being in the same position that they are in here It s genuinely frightening I wasn t looking forward to reading this but I might have had my horizons widened Also it s an amazing achievement in blending two utterly different na