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  • Hardcover
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  • Little Ballet Star
  • Adèle Geras
  • English
  • 03 March 2020
  • 9780803732377

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Read & Download Little Ballet Star Little Ballet Star Read & Download Ö 104 Ge warm ups to a trip to the dressing room to an unexpected wardrobe changeTilly is just like a real ballerina The only thing that could make her day even thrilling Th. Sweet story but aren t the enough pink books for girls about ballet in the world

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Little Ballet Star

Read & Download Little Ballet Star Little Ballet Star Read & Download Ö 104 Readers are invited to join Tilly for her special birthday treat as she discovers the bustle and excitement behind the scenes at a real ballet performance From backsta. Hannah chose this perfectly pink ballet book from the library and it is wonderful It is full of tutus and pink and ballet and satin ballet shoes with ribbon and Hannah loved every page of it A little girl gets to go see backstage at the ballet with her aunt who is a prima ballerina It is a sweet gentle storyperfect to share with your favorite little girl

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Read & Download Little Ballet Star Little Ballet Star Read & Download Ö 104 E chance to shine on stage This charming story captures the delight and anticipation of attending an actual ballet and makes a perfect gift for every aspiring ballerin. A year ago the local dance studio started offering in school classes at my daughter s school Harriet was immediately smitten with the idea even though she had just barely turned three I told her I would come to the free introductory class and see how she did If she paid attention had fun and was willing to put in the work to learn her dance routines I would enroll her in the class She agreed and I went to the class She was the most focused child in the class I think a lot of the other parents had pushed their kids into trying the class but Harriet was there willingly She loved the class and so we enrolled herSix months ago we got a note in the folder where we sign her in and out of preschool saying the dance studio was putting together its annual dance recital While it wasn t mandatory participating was highly encouraged I remembered with dread the recitals I had gone through at Harriet s age and thought about ignoring the invitation It would mean extra work extra expenses and possibly a bad experience for HarrietAs tempting as that was I didn t just ignore the invitation Nor did I just flat out tell my daughter she couldn t participate It wasn t exactly my decision to make She d be the one doing the work and putting on the performance not me So I told her all about the recital and read her the invitation and asked her if she was willing to do all the extra work including going to studio sometimes on the weekends if she was reuired It didn t take her than about a second to come to a decision It was a Yes with some added hops of enthusiasmHarrietTo prepare her for her experience I checked out Little Ballet Star by Ad le Geras and Shelagh McNicholas The book is about a young girl who is studying ballet and has an aunt who is dancing on stage for the ballet It s Tilly s birthday and goes dressed up in her favorite tutu and is invited backstage with her aunt as she prepares for her performanceThe book shows all the work that goes into putting on a ballet and being a ballet dancer Harriet listened to the book very seriously I think she was taking mental notes Later at the end of the performance Tilly s aunt invites her on stage to dance a brief encore togetherI don t know if the book helped or not but Harriet did every piece of her recital preparation from learning her song her dance routine getting measured for her costume having her photograph taken going to the dress rehearsal to her actual performance with professionalism and enthusiasm When it came to the day of the performance we had to leave her backstage with her teacher and later she and her dance partner sat up in the balcony with the other performers all of whom were older You d think she d been performing all her life Of her class of four only Harriet and her best friend participated on stage They were the youngest duo on stage and were adorable