The Extra Cadaver Murder E–book/E–pub

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  • 370
  • The Extra Cadaver Murder
  • Roy Innes
  • en
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9781926455723

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Read & Download The Extra Cadaver Murder ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Is long time assistant but is abruptly assigned a new partner a female officer who arrives under a political cloud Already depressed by his perceived plunge into senility Coswell struggles to stifle his own gender biases and work effectively with. This was an excellent police procedural RCMP Inspector Coswell returns in the fourth and latest book in the series This is the first book I have read featuring Coswell and it is a great stand alone novel of crime investigation and hope to read the preceding three books soon Coswell is an older member of the RCMP well respected for his investigative skills He is overweight and loves liuor and gourmet food He is becoming a hypochondriac constantly researching medical conditions he worries he may have He has the help of a good friend James who is also a member of the RCMP Their conversations are humorous James is replaced early in the book by a female officer who left her former posting after some problems Coswell is having difficulties adjusting to a female partner and is suspicious of her competence The mystery begins at a medical facility in Vancouver Students are assembled to learn anatomy by dissecting cadavers The bodies are laid out under shrouds To everyone s horror one of the embalmed corpses has been replaced by that of a newly murdered and unpopular medical teacher There are many suspects a jealous co worker resenting this newcomer to the country and facility being promoted over him an angry and alluring ex wife and her present lover students who were insulted degraded and failed by him and a dangerous criminal gang among others We follow all steps of the investigation and the characters are well developed and intriguing Recommended for those who enjoy a well written police procedural

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Read & Download The Extra Cadaver Murder ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook This womanTheir list of suspects grows failed students a jealous colleague an intriguing ex wife and a criminal cartel Clues emerge that send them all over the city of Vancouver from UBC campus to downtown and its plethora of gourmet restaurants. RCMP Inspector Croswell is back to solve his 4th crime in The Extra Cadaver Murder This series is without doubt one of the finest police procedurals written by a current Canadian authorA corpse is discovered on a slab beside a shrouded medical cadaver readyor notfor a first year anatomy class The story unfolds with a traditional team Inspector Coswell thoughtful settled and worried about memory loss and the fallout coming and Corporal Bostock a female detective living under a political cloud And finally there s Coswell s past partner who knew how to keep his boos in a sweet placeAuthor Roy Innes style is polished thoughtful with the action complemented by insightful study of the characters They come alive warts fear and intellect Dialogue and sense of place are key to the plotting and pace Innes is a story teller who triggers your imagination with a mystery that makes you think and when the book is closed you re than satisfied It s a series that grows on you and sets the stage for Don Graves Canadian Mystery Reviews

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Read & Download The Extra Cadaver Murder ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook RCMP Inspector Coswell is back A university professor is murdered and his corpse is revealed to a first year anatomy class in spectacular fashion nude on a slab alongside shrouded medical cadavers He begins his investigation with Corporal James h. The Extra Cadaver Murder by Roy Innes is honestly one of my new fave mystery booksCanadian book Check Murder mystery Check Female lead who is realistic Check What can a Canadian book lover like myself ask for Roy Innes has crafted one amazing book that had me hooked to every word I almost binged this book you can blame all of my homework for that one and I could barely put it down Seriously it was a real struggle walking away from this bookJames and Coswell work on identifying the murderer of a university professor all the while dealing with gender biases Throw in the RCMP some very complicated relationships and twists and turns you won t see coming and you ve got yourself a real hit There were times in this book where the speed slowed down and it dragged on Despite the small pacing issue I had no problems with this book It felt like a standalone it didn t have a cliffhanger and it felt really smart I d absolutely read another book by Roy Innes any day of the week I just have to get my hands on one of those suckersIn general the book doesn t stand out or do anything that other mystery novels haven t already We have a female lead dealing with gender bias an aging officer dealing with all the joys of getting old and the obvious who dunnit storyline that leads you one way then takes you another You wouldn t be able to see the ending coming since not all characters are introduced right away but I still think it s a fun ride I absolutely enjoyed this book and want Four out of five starsI received this book for free via Goodreads First Reads