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Free download Unity Game Development Scripting Kyle DAoust ↠ 9 Summary Read & Download Unity Game Development Scripting ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ate three different types of expandable items Implement an inventory that includes a hot key system Optimize your game's video and audio options Integrate a GUI HUD with buttons health bars and damage reports Make a complex AI system Save game data in multiple styles Track player statistics and scores In Detail The intuitive and powerful Unity game engine is one of the most widely used and best loved packages for game development Unity scripting is an essential but challenging skill to master in order to create custom game elements Learning modular scripting allows you to rewrite as little code as possible as you deploy your s. I read a lot of books about Unity and C since I m always trying to up my game so to speak This book has some good sections but overall doesn t cohere as well as it could But it could be useful for people with some Unity experience who are looking for specific techniuesIt jumps right into scripting individual subsystems without talking about what kind of game is going to be built and how everything will fit together Later on you learn the example game is an RPG style game with characters weapons and objects It would have been nice to know this ahead of time because some of the chapters are only relevant to this type of gameOverall this is like a cookbook of various recipes as opposed to a step by step guide to building a real game If you already have some experience coding C in Unity and you are interested in some of the chapter topics you should find the book usefulHere s a brief rundown on some specific chapters The first chapter on Interactive Input present a nice techniue for switching among input control schemes However there s an emphasis on supporting the XBox 360 controller which might not be relevant to a lot of developers The GUI chapter relies a little too heavily on the old mostly obsolete Unity GUI approach so it is not too useful in the post Unity 46 world The Expandable Item Classes chapter presents a nice starting point for structuring in game items that affect player characters and objects The chapter on AI covers two different AI topics simple enemy decision making switching an enemy object among Idle Guard Combat Flee states and pathfinding The pathfinding section gives a good introduction to Unity s NavMesh system which is not covered in many other books The example for this chapter uses the AI scripts to animate some freely available skeleton models from the Asset Store around an environment The chapter about Keeping Score on the other hand presents some real brute force coding with hard coded achievement thresholds and such There are better and simpler ways to code this so I would give this chapter a pass The same could be said for the next chapter which covers Saving and Loading Data It uses XML which is generally heavier and harder to work with than JSON and again shows some brute force coding that might not hold up well over time Chapter 8 deals with audio and offers some simple reusable classes for managing and playing sounds The final chapter Putting It All Together builds a simple game by assembling all the subsystems from previous chapters It s very nice to see all the parts working together at the end This chapter could have been fleshed out a bit It would have been nice to have an overview like a diagram of how all the subsystems fit together rather than a step by step now add this now add this seuence In fact this kind of overview would have been really useful prior to Chapter 1 so the reader can go into the rest of the book knowing what to expectOverall there are a lot of things to learn from this book In addition there is a nice emphasis on play testing at the end of each chapter with suggestions of ways to enhance the examples in your own games But it s not a complete guide to building your own games in Unity

Free download Unity Game Development ScriptingUnity Game Development Scripting

Free download Unity Game Development Scripting Kyle DAoust ↠ 9 Summary Read & Download Unity Game Development Scripting ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Cripts to multiple projects and work easier uicker and efficiently than beforeIn each chapter of this book you'll learn how to script new game elements Beginning with making custom controls for the keyboard and mouse as well as the Xbox 360 Controller you'll then get to grips with complex systems such as inventory data saving and artificial intelligence As you create these elements you'll also learn how to make your scripts simpler and easy to use This will allow drag and drop deployment which is to be used by designers and nonprogrammers Finally you'll combine all of your newfound skills to create your own complete game proje. Bottom line up front this book is a great tool to keep in your kit bag With a basic knowledge of programming and Unity I started an indie game development company with several game ideas in mind What I uickly discovered was like most things in life there are multiple ways to accomplish a single task within Unity This created a challenge I hadn t planned for Originally I thought it would be difficult to find the right literature to help me achieve my goal but instead I found that I was inundated with information I recently came across Unity Game Development Scripting by Kyle D Aoust and became uite pleased with what I had foundThe book is laid out in a very efficient manner covering all the major aspects of creating a game The first chapter deals with the most important aspect defining user input It lays out two options one for keyboards and the other for an Xbox controller At first glance the reader may be tempted to think this doesn t apply to me because I m not developing for those platforms This may be true but if the reader looks deeper they will start to see how the techniues used in the book can transfer into other projects The process the writer took to define different aspects and reuirements for control are useful when designing the controls for all gamesChapters 5 and 7 are also great examples of a situation where the techniues used are beneficial to any reader attempting to develop a game in Unity I have personally struggled with scripting enemy artificial intelligence in a 2D platformer game and have waffled between different techniues After reading chapter 5 I was able to add a efficient solution to my games even though the writer is referencing 3D game creation In addition chapter 7 answers the uestion of saving game progress When I first started developing games this task perplexed me but Unity Game Development Scripting by Kyle D Aoust does an excellent job of defining C scripting that accomplishes the taskThough I was overall happy with this book there was one point of contention I had with the way it was written The author provides numerous coding examples written in C throughout each chapter He does a good job giving a description after each block of coding but I found it to be rather taxing on the mind to connect the explanations with the code previously read A better way to accomplish this would have been to add comments directly into the code itself This would have personally helped me better follow the readingsAgain this book is an excellent tool for any developer to have If you don t have an intermediate understanding of programming and Unity you will probably find this book to be frustrating as it is not a tutorial based piece of work But if you are looking for a resource to help refine andor add to your own techniues for game development then this is the right place to start

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Free download Unity Game Development Scripting Kyle DAoust ↠ 9 Summary Read & Download Unity Game Development Scripting ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Write efficient C# scripts to create modular key game elements that are usable for any kind of Unity project About This Book Write customizable scripts that are easy to adjust to suit the needs of different projects Combine your knowledge of modular scripting elements to build a complete game Build key game features from player inventories to friendly and enemy artificial intelligence Who This Book Is For If you are new to Unity scripting and want to learn simple and modular code and advance your knowledge to the next level this is the book for you What You Will Learn Include controls for both keyboardmouse and the gamepad Cre. I recently have had the opportunity to review the book Unity Game Development Scripting by Kyle D Aoust being a follower of the Unity platform and technology for over the past decade I was very much needless to say excited to be able to review another book that delves into the programming aspects of the Unity Game Engine One thing I would definitely like to point out is that although it is mentioned in the introductory pages of the book I strongly recommend anybody with a very solid programming background or individuals who are very comfortable programming within Unity to be able to make the most out of this intermediate to advanced level programming book Being of a design and art minded background myself I did have some trouble reproducing the desired textbook results but then again I did go into this book with an open mind without much of a programming background in regards to Unity Although most of the examples are rather detailed in the scripting aspects of Unity itself I felt many places in the book in which the author could have left notes as a heads up for anybody delving into the examples for potential complications Right off the bat at Chapter 1 it has you dealing with input preferences for a game project something I have always been very curious with as to how Unity handles and organizes multiple input optionsThis particular example although it does give you a rather knowledgeable approach to utilizing a Xbox 360 controller and appropriating it into a game project I felt detail could have been given about OS specifics used by the author potential driver issues if any etc soas to be mindful of any major programming headaches to watch out for in the pipeline ID proper controller inputs when using multiple controllers and the like Reviewer s Note This does go a bit off topic but I do not fault the author for not delving into details about the problematic input as it is a known Unity issue that is on the list to be fixed or could have already been addressed with Unity 5 This review was done with Unity V434f1 e444f76e01cdAlthough the book really breaks down programming with Unity to be much less intimidating then referencing the Unity programming reference manual it leaves little room for digesting this newfound information Very point by point This is what this string of code can do now apply it here type approach What it does do well however is introduce you into a variety of important topics and programming skills uickly soas that almost all of them will be utilized in some aspect of your developmental pipeline when putting together your next Unity project or prototypeAll in all if you are not the programming faint of heart and definitely are comfortable with using this book as a reference rather than a step by step detailed tutorial resource it is definitely a read I would recommend regardless of previous Unity scripting experience The scripting samples that it does layout are for the most part incredibly helpful and poignant about the topics being reviewed from inputs to Item Class definitions Behavioral Trees or GUI approaches it will definitely get your projects or at the very least your thought process in the right direction for your next successful pitch prototype or blockbuster