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  • Hardcover
  • 308
  • The Insect Farm
  • Stuart Prebble
  • English
  • 02 September 2018
  • 9780316337366

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Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Stuart Prebble Stuart Prebble Ä 0 Download The Insect Farm Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook An eerie debut suspense novel that explores how little one man may know his own brother and his own mind The Maguire brothers each have their own driving single minded obsession For Jonathan it is his magnificent talented and desirable wife Harriet For Roger it is the elaborate universe he has constructed in a shed in their parents' garden populated by millions of tiny insects. Full Review at Tenacious Reader Insect Farm by Stuart Prebble is a fascinating look into one man s life and his relationship with his brother Jonathan is the younger brother of a much better looking but also simple minded Roger Much of this book revolves around their relationship and the impact it has on Jonathan s lifeJonathan is trying to live a normal life He goes to college falls in love and seems to be headed there But his insecurities can make it difficult And then he is called back home leaving the typical life behindAs a reader I couldn t help but theorize while reading this trying to solve the mysteries that accrue during the story And while I got some right I got others wrong There is a bit of unpredictability in this We are seeing things from Jonathan s perspective so we only get the information he is aware of and finds importantThis is not a speculative fiction book and I am honestly not sure what I d classify it as Maybe mystery It is a of a introspective look at the relationship between the brothers From the description I expected a creepier suspenseful book But I really enjoyed the book for what it is And it definitely has a dark edge to it sometimes books without any sort of supernatural element can actually be much disturbing because it is a look into what humans are capable ofAfter finishing I chatted about this book with another reader I loved getting to do this because it is a book that really can cause speculation and deeper observation into the motivations of characters After you finish you can t help but still try to puzzle all the pieces together and look back at the entire story from the beginning and wonder about so many things that happened early on Trying to decide if there were ulterior motives that you might have missed on the initial read

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Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Stuart Prebble Stuart Prebble Ä 0 Download The Insect Farm Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Series of strange and disturbing incidents Jonathan begins to uestion every story he has ever been told about his brother and if he has so completely misjudged Roger's mind what else might he have overlooked about his family and himself As the accidents at home multiply and tragedy strikes a startling picture emerges One of these brothers is a killer and the other has no idea. Slow burning book but you get to connect with the characters I felt the narrator s emotions to the point whenever he was angry hurt sad or in love I strongly felt the same By no means do I say that he is a good person far from it But the book was narrated beautifully I wish the pace was a bit faster though because I got bored so many times where I was about to DNF the book Overall it was alright 255 stars

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Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Stuart Prebble Stuart Prebble Ä 0 Download The Insect Farm Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook While Jonathan's pursuit of Harriet leads him to feelings of jealousy and anguish Roger's immersion in the world he has created reveals a capability and talent which are absent from his everyday life Roger is known to all as a loving protective yet simple man but the ever growing complexity of the insect farm suggests that he is capable of far than anyone believes Following a. I have a lot of thoughts on this one and I m pretty sure they all contradict each other So if this review makes very little sense it s because my feelings about The Insect Farm make very little senseThis is the story of Jonathan Maguire and his brother Roger who has an unidentified mental disability The plot is set in 1960s70s England as Jonathan grows up goes to school gets married etc To give away too much of the plot would fall into major spoilers category but let s just say it s mainly a family drama with a side of mystery and a few plot twists thrown inWhile overall I guess I liked the second half better maybe I don t know I warned you my thoughts on this are a mess the first half does a good job with Jonathan s younger years I thought the early chapters did a great job showing how egocentric childhood often is Jonathan is completely enraptured by the joys of summer camp as a young boy and doesn t give much thought to his brother at home but is hurt by the thought that maybe Roger didn t constantly miss him either It also did a good job of showing the pretension of the teen years God teenage Harriet was insufferable which was the point I think What teen doesn t think that their thoughts are monumentally big and priceless that no one has ever felt this way beforeWhat didn t work for me was Jonathan as the narrator main character I never got attached to him or felt much for him at all Really none of the characters wowed me I can forgive a million faults in a book if it has at least one character that captures my heart This one didn t I also wasn t enad of the writing It wasn t bad but I just wasn t a fan personallyMy other big issue was view spoilerHarriet s murder and the twisty ending Why spend like half the book having us believe that Jonathan is the murderer and having him believe it too What s believable that an alcoholic husband in a blackout rage over his wife s infidelity snapped and killed her or that his mentally handicapped brother came home witnessed said fight and killed her despite showing no previous inclination of violence Then there s that stupid last page twist to try and tie in the prologue that still didn t sufficiently explain things I would have liked the book as a whole better if I skipped the prologue and the last page hide spoiler