[Free E–pub] The Companions BY R.A. Salvatore

  • Hardcover
  • 378
  • The Companions
  • R.A. Salvatore
  • English
  • 07 December 2020
  • 9780786963713

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FREE DOWNLOAD ä The Companions READ & DOWNLOAD ò VIVETUMUSICA.CO â R.A. Salvatore R.A. Salvatore â 1 FREE DOWNLOAD Ro Drizzt into a new era of the Forgotten Realms As Drizzt's fate hangs in the balance he reflects on the lives of the trusted allies who stood. This is my first R A Salvatore read and to say I was completely taken by his world building would be an understatementIn The Companions the first installment in The Sundering Series Drizzt is reflecting on his lost companions Little did he know that the goddess Mielikki has intervened giving his friends the option to be reborn to this new world some 100 years later to help Drizzt in the journey to comeCatti brie Bruenor Regis and Wulfgar are all given the opportunity to return to the world with the possibility of reuniting 21 years later at Kelvins Cairn up Bruenor s Climb Three accept the goddess Mielikki s offer and one desires to be reunited to lost loved ones and starts the journey to their final daysFor the sake of not creating a spoiler for previous Salvatore books I m going to leave my description at this The Companions is the story of the rebirth trials and struggles of three outstanding characters trying to remake their ways in this harsh world At times the memories of the past haunt their present No ones journey is easy and the lure of their new life might just sway them from the honorable path back to Drizzt This was a brilliant fantasy read The world building was outstanding The characters plights were heart felt I completely enjoyed watching the struggles each returning character had with play acting child likeness while having the conscious of an adult inside Each participant had their own uniue battles and demons to face decisions to make and new life lessons to learn Salvatore brought us vividly along for the adventure I m a new RA Salvatore fan I know that sometime in the near future I will be delving into every creation of Salvatore s imaginationI received this copy ARC copy of The Companions from Wizards of the Coast in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication August 6 2013Written by R A SalvatoreSeries The SunderingSeuence in Series 1Publisher Wizards of the Coast Publication Date August 6 2013Pages 384ISBN 10 0786963719ISBN 13 978 0786963713Rating 5Genre FantasyAge Recommendation Young Adult RA Salvator s WebsiteFind this book onBarnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook

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FREE DOWNLOAD ä The Companions READ & DOWNLOAD ò VIVETUMUSICA.CO â R.A. Salvatore R.A. Salvatore â 1 FREE DOWNLOAD By his side throughout his early life the friends now known as the Companions of the Hall Meanwhile the first stirrings of the Sundering begin. In my younger days which feels like ages ago I wanted to believe I was just as smart as my older brother Once he left home he left behind a massive collection of books I figured if I could read and understand these I must be just as smart as him Amongst those books were Dragonlance and the Forgotten Realms series Sadly before that phase of my life wore off I never got around to reading the Forgotten Realms books I only have the Dragonlance books under my belt With that being said I was than happy when news came from Netgalley that the publishing company Wizards of the Coast was reviving one of the Forgotten Realms signature characters I told my brother that some guy named Drzzt is being featured he was ecstatic I on the other hand was notMy trepidation stemmed from the fact that I was unfamiliar with the series the characters and the author I wanted so much to finally read these books I d missed in my childhood but fear of the unknown was too hard to ignore Would I need to have known who the heck these people are before beginning the book Will the storyline reuire background information I could only know having read the other books So many reservations crossed my mind until I decided to just go for it These reservations were uickly reduced down to nothing once I finally began The Companions by RA Salvatore Salvatore managed to pull me into his fantastical world in only a few pages After briefly meeting Drzzt in the beginning the story branches off to two men who are in search for a special child This child is believed to be a mortal chosen of the gods living amongst the Bedine people in the Desai Camp Yes this child is special We don t know why at this point so I won t spoil it for future readersThe Comanions shift between time and character view as Drzzt recounts the past he s shared with his companions Three out of the four companions have accepted the gift from the gods to return back to new bodies if they promise to stand with Drzzt once in the future We follow their individual incredible journeys as they wait for the time to meet again at Kelvin s Cairn in Icewind Dale In the interest of being as spoiler free as possible I will say that I was wholly invested in this journey from start to finish The action adventure and character development is the reason I will continue with this Sundering Series Fans of the Forgotten Realms series or epic fantasies will want to join in on this adventure Copy provided by Wizards of the Coast via Netgalley


FREE DOWNLOAD ä The Companions READ & DOWNLOAD ò VIVETUMUSICA.CO â R.A. Salvatore R.A. Salvatore â 1 FREE DOWNLOAD This latest installment in New York Times best selling author RA Salvatore's beloved fantasy saga The Companions moves Salvatore's signature he. Drizzt s deceased friends are reincarnated with the intent to meet in 21 years and resume their companionship Will Regis Cattie brie and Bruenor survive a second childhoold And will Drizzt be alive when they meet in adulthoodI got this for free from NetGalley Thank you NetGalley Despite what you may have heard I was a tremendous geek as a kid even playing Dungeons and Dragons on uite a few occasions Still I always steered clear of DD related fiction It all seemed pretty derivative and Drizzt seemed like Michael Moorcock s Elric in a change of clothes Wizards of the Coast invited me to read this on NetGalley and I decided to give it a shot for old times sake It wasn t badRegis the halfling Bruenor the dwarf and Cattie brie human sorceress proved to be fairly interesting characters despite all of them being DD cliches Bruenor s rage and impatience pushed his story along seeing him growing in prowess while alienating his fellow dwarfs Regis was born to rags but was taken in the Grandfather of Assassins and did pretty well for himself Cattie brie s tale was actually the least interesting a wandering sorceress learning from five teachers by the tale s endDespite never reading the trio s initial adventure with Drizzt the tale was easy enough to follow Salvatore guided me by the hand relating what I d need to know while actually making me want to read some of the old stuff There was a lot of action as I expected Also as I expected Salvatore s prose is not going to rival David Foster Wallace s any time soon That s about all I have to say I enjoyed it enough that I ll probably pick up the next book in the series It s a fun read with little thinking reuired